A fragrance house specializing in fragrance oils & beard oils

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JYCTY is a Toronto based fragrance oil company that specializes in alcohol-free and vegan fragrance oils that perform and project for hours.

Their range of roll-on perfume oils come in two distinct collections.

The Originals Collection features diverse offerings from across the fragrance wheel. Perfume oils with notes of Citrus, Floral, Woody, Fresh, Gourmand and many more, all crafted by us to form a unique and exciting range that stands out from the pack.


Yet, if you are looking for something more specific, their Impressions Collection features perfume oils inspired by high-end designer brands.

What We Did

Our primary goal was to transition JYCTY retail business to an ecommerce platform. In order to do this we had to completely rebrand the products to fit a bigger audience size, do a social refresh and start running ads to get traction and more sales for the business. Our team developed a complete new brand identity and a new website for JYCTY. Not just the website our team knew in order to grow the brand ,we need a holistic social media strategy that will help grow the brand. We did an entire social refresh and are handling the social media for the brand till date.

The results:

We grew the social media fan base by a whopping 100% within 1.5 month of taking over the socials.

A highly optimized website with 3.35% overall conversion rate on website.

Significant growth in email subscribers.

500k Impression in 90 days

220K Accounts reached

5.39% Engagement Rate

41k Revenue Generated

3x ROAS on Facebook Ads.

4x followers in 90 days