From $438/month to $66,295/month in 2 months

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Google Ads

From $438/month to $66,295/month in 2 months

The Problem

  • Our Client had a store developed in the month of January 2022 and wanted an agency to Strategize and execute an advertising strategy for them.
  • Being a completely new brand, our team had no data or customer list to leverage.
  • After going through multiple agencies and Freelancers/contractors, they decided to work with us in the month of March.

The Solution.

  • After multiple strategy sessions and doing a comprehensive market analysis, we recommended they start with Google Search and shopping campaigns.
  • In March, they generated around 5K in sales.
  • During April, we tested ad copies, and different bid strategies and started excluding keywords that were not producing the desired results for them. They generated USD18,943 with 3.13X ROAS.
  • We finally figured out a winning angle and scaled their account spending to $600/day as they were consistently getting 9X+ ROAS on daily basis.
  • We were about to hit their first 100K+ month but unfortunately, Their entire store was sold out in 22 days of the month of May, and we had to stop their advertising.(Not ideal but a good problem to have)