5 free marketing tools to use in 2021

May 11, 2020
As a marketer, you might not need lots of equipment to get started, but you certainly require lots for tools to keep going. ⁣

For a medium and big-sized agency a cost of all subscriptions, memberships and apps reaches thousands dollars a month. ⁣

What about beginner marketers and small business owners? ⁣

There actually are cheaper and even free alternatives to the most famous industry tools. ⁣

1) Uber Suggest Keyword Tool

Why To Use?

  • The Free version has almost all features required.
  • Easy UI. Definitely a plus for anyone getting started, especially since the dashboards are not as cluttered.
  • A great tool for keyword ideas & analysis.
  • Free Google chrome extension.
  • Monitoring broken links - helps optimize your Google ranking.

2) Moz link Explorer

Why To Use?

3) Trello

Why To Use?

4) Hotjar

Why To Use?

5) Make My Persona Hubspot

Why To Use?

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